Anti-aging treatments are designed to address the slow decline in the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. Chronic environmental damage from sun exposure and free radicals, along with the body’s natural aging process all contribute to the visible signs of skin aging. This innovative skin care treatment adds antioxidants and hydration back to the skin.

 I’m 42 years old and finally have clear skin! — LC, Barnstead, NH

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Tailored to your specific skin concerns.

Warm aromatherapy compresses begin this facial. A gentle enzyme with steam draws out impurities and prepares the skin for extractions. Next, a soothing signature massage of the head, neck, and décolleté are followed by an appropriate serum and finishing mask. Eyebrow clean-up is included in this service.

75 minutes                         $80


Designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, firm and tone skin. Three incredible treatments in one, using UltraSonic and LED light therapy technologies.

First, this treatment utilizes UltraSonic vibrations to spin water to deep cleanse and exfoliate without irritation.

Next, UltraSonic waves drive hydrating and nourishing ingredients into the skin for superior rejuvenation.

And for the ultimate finishing touch, a 30-minute LED light treatment provides:

  • Increased circulation & the formation of new capillaries
  • Stimulated collagen production
  • Diminished hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Increased lymphatic system activity

60 minutes                         $75

Optimal results can be achieved in a series of bimonthly treatments, then monthly maintenance thereafter.

Add LED  treatments to any facial: $20(15 min.); $40(30 min.)


Red LED light therapy promotes skin tightening and regeneration.  Medical-grade stainless steel safely exfoliates and relieves the signs of sun damage and superficial discoloration. Reduces scarring and fine lines. Bright, beautiful skin is revealed.

60 minutes                           $75


Traditional facial combined with a light chemical peel.

A blend of pumpkin enzymes and glycolic acid offers many rejuvenating benefits.  Results include evening of pigmentation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and removal of sun damage. Especially beneficial for sensitive and rosacea skin types.

60 minutes                             $65


Blue agave, bilberry, seaweed, algae, yam, and passion flower extracts promote improved circulation and antioxidant protections to the skin for anti-aging benefits.  Lactic acid helps to exfoliate the superficial layers of dead skin while improving hydration, tone, and texture.  Benefits dry, dehydrated skin.

60 minutes                                $65

Holistic Offerings: Soothe your mind and body



More than a facial, this treatment nurtures your whole being. The warm sage foot bath, foot massage, and aromatherapy compresses ensure deep relaxation. Calendula hand and arm massage releases tension. Lightly steamed enzymes gently refine and brighten. Restore serum stimulates collagen. Cryo Globes are rolled over the skin for a cooling finishing touch.

90 minutes                         $95


Superior stress relief – improves circulation, skin tone, and elasticity. Brings balance to the body. Rosemary foot bath, light facial cleansing, then the Chinese acupressure technique begins. Key points on the face and head are pressed with a firm but gentle touch to improve overall well-being by balancing energy, or Chi, in the body. Finishing mask and moisturizers to complete. You emerge feeling deeply nurtured and restored!

75 minutes                         $70