You know those people you meet in life that you are so grateful for? Cyndi is one of them for me!

I had severe acne problems for years. I spent a lot of time and hundreds of dollars looking for a solution but never finding one. Even my dermatologist wasn’t able to help me.  When my face was in the worst shape ever, Cyndi entered my life.

From day one I felt like she really knew what she was doing. The first thing she gave me was confidence that there was a solution.  Then, after just a few treatments, she gave me AMAZING RESULTS!   She quickly figured out what was going on with my skin. She gave me great advice on how to take corrective action. She also helped me fine tune every aspect of a home routine to keep things under control. In very little time, I had absolutely no signs of acne. Its been about a year and my face is still clear. Cyndi has been a gift to me that keeps on giving. I love her! — Jenn, Salem, NH

My face hasn’t been this clear in 5 years. — TO, College Student

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I’m 42 years old and finally have clear skin! LC, Barnstead, NH

My mom saw an add for Saving Faces in the paper about a month before I came home from my junior year at college.  Before I left for my spring semester I asked my mom to make an appointment for me at the dermatologist, because as a 20 year old, I was tired of having acne.  Unfortunately, the dermatologist booked out a year in advance, so I had  to wait.  I had talked to my general practitioner the year before and was prescribed both antibiotics and a topical gel, but neither had great effect.  After a summer at Saving Faces, I have cancelled the appointment with the dermatologist, because I have no acne to speak of for the first time in my adult life.  Cindy was knowledgable and committed to helping me.  She offers a lengthy free consult and gives out samples of products to ensure that you get the right combination.  No more guessing whether you need salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, a scrub or a cream.  I would highly recommend anyone with stubborn acne to make an appointment. — Abby, Concord, NH

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When I met Cyndi I was a 32-year-old fed up with my lingering ‘teenage acne.’ I had tried every product and treatment that promised clear skin and never got the results I was looking for. Cyndi’s hands-on approach works! I have the clearest skin I’ve had since I was a teen. She guides you through the process step-by-step and looks at some of the underlying issues that might be causing you to break out. It feels great to have a go-to partner who helped me get clear and is committed to keeping me that way. — AP, Chichester, NH

I really haven’t thanked you for the wonderful job you did on me for the most beautiful day in my life!!!! Theres a thank you for you and your work… an appointment for a facial is in my near future!!! ♥ xoxo — Sabrina Lambert




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I can honestly say that I have never had an esthetician who has been so thoroughly knowledgeable of her craft. Whatever the time of year it is and the issues that I may be having with my skin at that time, Cyndi always has answers for me and a plan of action and skin care regime to help me with my needs. My skin has been transformed thanks to her. I highly recommend a visit to her! — Denise, Barnstead, NH